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Tokyo, Japan

April 2014

• • •

We spent a week in Tokyo with Michelle, Ante, Veronika, Sasa, Nedra and Marko. It was everybody's first time so there was a lot of oooh-ing and aaah-ing at all the amazing culture.

It's spring in Tokyo. We ventured to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Gardens. The cherry blossoms were perfectly pink and blooming. The petals layered the ground like a soft blanket, inviting you to curl up under one of the trees and nap.

The Tokyo fish market opens at 4am, so we had two options: Wake up before dawn or pull an all-nighter. Guess which we chose? We spent the night window-shopping the neon lit streets of Harajuku, watching Robots battle and singing karaoke.

Our karaoke room was on the 20th floor. Our bodies were silhouetted against the twinkling lights of Shinjuku as we sang Beyoncé, Blink 182 and Taylor Swift. At 4am we taxied to the fish market and hid from the rain in tiny shops before having the best sushi breakfast ever as the sun rose.

The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo is the most ridiculous, bizarre, and mesmerizing show I’ve ever seen. It cost about $100 Million to build and you’ll see why when you visit. It’s got Robot boxing, dancing warrior girls, transformer invasions, singing roman goddesses and a laser show all fit into an hour.

This is just the hallway.

The video above-right is a spot that took conveyor-belt sushi to the next level. Each person had their own touch screen monitor to order food that would whizz directly to your seat in minutes.

Yes, the Cat Cafe is both a cafe to enjoy coffee and a place to play with cats of every breed. You can even buy pieces of chicken to feed them. Most of the cats were sleepy but would wake up and run to you when they smelled a delicious snack.

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