The marvelous adventures of Kaitlyn & Taylor, who call home for the past 3237 days.

San Francisco, CA

April 2014

• • •

Yes, our Airbnb had a stripper pole in it. Yes, the actual photos used on their official page are that crazy. It started to make more sense once we found out they attend Burning Man every year.

We couldn't visit San Francisco without stopping by our favorite breakfast spot, Katz Bagels. Get the everything bagel smeared with cucumber-dill spread and a slice of tomato.

After my big suitcase fiasco in Italy, I've accepted minimalism as a lifestyle. Taylor and I both swear by the hardshell carry-on suitcases I bought. It can be hard to pack when your itinerary isn't set in stone. We pack the necessities and pick up weather-specific tiems like sweaters and hats on-the-go. After all, we never remember what we wore on the adventure, just the adventure itself!

— Kaitlyn

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