The marvelous adventures of Kaitlyn & Taylor, who call home for the past 3237 days.

Irago, Japan

May 2014

• • •

Tokyo was mind-blowing, but we yearned for some quiet time to end our time in Japan. We hit the jackpot when we booked the Organic B&B Maruei. Spending time with creative Ayae and her sweet mother Mikeko was a wonderful way to learn about Japanese culture.

Passed down for 3 generations, Ayae has taken the reigns and turned it into Japan’s first organic B&B.

Traditional Japanese style was a completely new experience for us. Kimonos, taking your shoes off, miso soup and rice for breakfast, eating meals cross-legged on the floor and sleeping on tatami bed mats.

Shinto is the largest religion in Japan with thousands of temples throughout the country. We stumbled upon this one while trying to find the grocery store. Beautiful surprise, right?

On weekends we'd take long walks along the coast and let little fish nip at our feet.

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