The marvelous adventures of Kaitlyn & Taylor, who call home for the past 3237 days.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

August-September 2014

• • •

Amsterdam is the furthest North we've traveled together. In the summertime, this means longer days. The light would flood our apartment for nearly 13 hours a day, we didn't mind at all. We made the most of the extended days exploring the canals, visiting museums, and feeling extra productive.

We'd only planned to be in Amsterdam for 4 weeks, but ended up loving our neighborhood so much, we rented another apartment close by for an extra 2 weeks.

The very first drink we shared was a Heineken. So, to celebrate Taylor's 31st birthday, we took a hour of the Heineken Brewery. (Brouwerije, like the Dutch spell it) We sipped, bottled, poured and enjoyed our new local brew.

As night falls in Amsterdam, the city lights up. Each bridge over the canals wears a string of lights, which add extra romance to any nightly stroll. Follow the right canal and you'll find infamous Red Light District.

The Foam Museum was exhibiting a series of photos and videos that were truly eye opening. 20 years ago, during the Rwandan genocide, hate was preached over the radio encouraging people to kill. Now, on the same frequency, radio-soap Musekeweya, meaning New Dawn, preaches love and reconciliation.

Standing in the Frank's hideaway was the most moving and surreal places I've visited. The tiny attic was bursting with emotions. Anne's posters and photos still line the walls of her makeshift bedroom.

The gift shop was filled with copies of her diary, transcribed into every language imaginable. I couldn't help but think of how happy Anne would've been to see her words touch so many lives.

Our two favorite spots quickly became a cozy coffeeshop by the canal and the daily flower market. Our days seem to blend together in a daydream of delicious cappuccinos, staring at our reflections in the canal and filling our new home with the most fragrant and inexpensive flowers you'd ever laid your eyes on.

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