The marvelous adventures of Kaitlyn & Taylor, who call home for the past 3237 days.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

May - July 2013

• • •

Getting outside your comfort zone never gets easier. We always wanted to try surfing (because it looks so cool) but never got around to it (because failing is scary).

24 hours after we came up with the idea, we closed our eyes and clicked "Book Now" on 2 months on the western coast of Costa Rica.

Our property was actually three small houses on one plot. It gave Michelle, Leonard, Scott, Anthony and Myles a good excuse to come out and try our hammock.

We named the house cat Cat Von Cat, a homophone for 84 in French. The monkeys barked like dogs in the morning. The kitchen was outdoors, so you had to clean up promptly after each meal or there'd be a family of ants marching your way. You couldn't flush toilet paper either, which made taking out the trash a terrible chore.

But if you left the house at 7am, walked down the beach to fetch your board from Witch's Rock Surf Camp, you'd be catching a wave by 7:20am. Most of the time you'd find yourself sharing those big, warm waves with less than a dozen people.

With so much surfing and swimming, we got into the best shape of our lives this summer.

Inspired by The Listserve, I created a project to incorporate my love of photography. PhotoYOLO was launched on a warm June night. It was even featured on Jezebel, PetaPixel and the DailyMail.
I was thrilled that people enjoyed it!

— Kaitlyn

I commissioned this artwork from my friend Beau Bergeron as a surprise for Kaitlyn. It commemorates our first summer of falling in love with surfing.

— Taylor

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