The marvelous adventures of Kaitlyn & Taylor, who call home for the past 3237 days.

San Francisco, CA

September 2013

• • •

Our sunny apartment was on a colorful side street in the Mission. We didn't even take BART very often because there was so much to discover within walking distance.

The learning curve with our Sonos system had Hype Machine pumping in to the landlord's upstairs apartment at 7am. We also got to try cooking steaks on a pink salt block (delish) and drank way too much Hubert's lemonade from the corner store (delishx2).

We laughed when our Uber driver admitted he had never been up to Twin Peaks either. He parked and we all peered over into the fog, like a beautiful dream where you can finally fly.

One of the best things about San Francisco? It's the home of so many companies we love. We had lunch at Airbnb's beautiful new headquarters. Their entire space was inspiring and even the conference rooms were modeled after actual Airbnb's from around the world.

A tremendous amount of color. From the Painted Ladies sitting in Alamo Square Park to Ryan McGinley's gallery openings to the graffiti that wallpaper's the streets of the Mission.

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