The marvelous adventures of Kaitlyn & Taylor, who call home for the past 3237 days.

La Valle, Wisconsin

August 2013

• • •

We took Amtrak from Chicago to visit my aunt and cousin at their lakehouse. It was amazing to spend time with them after so many years and enjoy the midwestern hospitality of their small town.

— Taylor

At sunset, we'd sip beers by the lake and watch fireflies.
And play a little bit of Ridiculous Fishing and Fruit Ninja.

La Valle has a population of 366, so locals would see us at pubs, pizza joints and cafes and ask about our story. Everybody was friendly and made us feel at home.

We'd fly over hills on my aunt's custom embroidered golf cart and make waves with the family boat.

— Taylor

Our only regret was not staying longer. We can't wait to go back and visit.

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