The marvelous adventures of Kaitlyn & Taylor, who call home for the past 3237 days.

Austin, TX

March-April 2013

• • •

SXSW is a crazy time for rentals. Our condo cost more to rent for 2 weeks than we paid for an entire year of rent when we lived in Austin.

We ran an epic event activation for attendees at SXSW.
Michelle flew in from Los Angeles, Joe arrived from the UK, Anthony left Volta for the first time and Gil took two weeks off of work. Ten cyclists gave up their day-job to help us out for ten days.

Figuring out how to keep our team in-sync.

Sometimes I dream about a theme park for adults called SXSW World.
The SXSW experience 24/7, 365 days a year. It'd be even better than Vegas.

— Taylor

There wasn't a quiet moment in the house for 10 days. I only buried my head in a pillow once.
It was the most exciting project I've been a part of.

— Taylor

Refreshing libations were liberated at beer-o-clock each day.

There are hundreds of SXSW parties each year and most people don't have time to RSVP to them all. I started my RSVP service in 2011 and this year Billboard interviewed me about my growing biz. I felt very honored, especially when they proclaimed me as the RSVP Queen of SXSW.
Check out my full interview.

— Kaitlyn

We were only one block from Hype Hotel, so it was our prime hang-out spot to catch up with friends, eat free tacos, see the best bands and use the incredible photobooth by Lensley.

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