The marvelous adventures of Kaitlyn & Taylor, who call home for the past 3237 days.

Ahakista, Ireland

November - December 2012

• • •

After attending Build in Belfast, we had no plans and simply chose the furthest Airbnb from where we were. Three trains and a two hour car ride later, we arrived in our beautiful slice of Irish country.

That's no postcard, it's our cottage! It had no heat so we kept our fireplace running from morning till night.

We moved to Ahakista, Ireland for terrrty days. A tiny town with two pubs, a church, and a beautiful view of the ocean sprinkled with tiny fishing boats. It has no grocery, bakery or convenience store.

An honesty box in front of a farm house offered up fresh eggs that were bright and bold inside. They'd melt in your mouth when scrambled with a tab of country butter.

We could see these two cows from our front door. We named the mother Mona and the calf Lisa.

We'd often sleep till noon, brew coffee and trot down the hill to begin our day by the shore. The cold wind burned our ears while we collected shells and kindling for our fireplace.

We braved the freezing rain with a wimpy umbrella to borrow butter. We were thankful to get some from a kind neighbor and were happy to explain what Thanksgiving was all about.

This was the first Thanksgiving away from our family.
And the first one we prepared ourselves. It is a memory we'll never forget.

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