The marvelous adventures of Kaitlyn & Taylor, who call home for the past 3445 days.

why have one address?

3445 days ago we got rid of our house, sold our stuff and decided to live full time in Airbnb's around the world.
With everything we own in a suitcase, we're on a life experiment to understand what makes a place feel like home.

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Provincetown, MA April 2016

Coming soon

Chicago, IL March 2016

Coming soon

Portland, OR Feb-March 2016

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San Francisco, CA February 2016

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Canggu, Bali Oct-Nov 2015

Tokyo (Shibuya), Japan October 2015

Tokyo (Setagaya-ku), Japan September 2015

Washington, DC September 2015

Philadelphia, PA August 2015

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(our recap coming soon)

Rotterdam, NL July 2015

Best Kept Secret, NL June 2015

Athens, Greece June 2015

Paros, Greece May 2015

Mykonos, Greece May 2015

New York City May 2015

Boston, MA April 2015

Austin, TX March 2015

Venice, CA November 2014

San Francisco (SoMA)November 2014

San Francisco (Pac-Heights)November 2014

Chamonix, France October 2014

Berlin, Germany September 2014

Amsterdam, NL Aug-Sept 2014

Thailand July 2014

Bali, Indonesia June-July 2014

Irago, Japan May 2014

Tokyo, Japan April 2014

San Francisco, CA April 2014

Austin, TX March 2014

New Orleans, LA February 2014

Gainesville, FL / Temple, TX Dec 2013 - Jan 2014

Topton, NC November 2013

Brooklyn, NY October 2013

Austin, TX October 2013

San Francisco, CA September 2013

La Valle, Wisconsin August 2013

Chicago, IL August 2013

Tamarindo, Costa Rica May-July 2013

Austin, TX March-April 2013

Gainesville, FL / Shreveport, LA Jan-Feb 2013

Ahakista, Ireland November-December 2012

Italy November 2012

Zagreb, Croatia September-October 2012

Paris, France July-August 2012

Austin, TX September 2011-June 2012